What A Personal Injury Lawyer Looks For When Reviewing Your Case In An Initial Consultation

When you have injuries caused by another party, you might have a personal injury claim you can file. A personal injury lawyer often offers a free initial consultation to look at the details of your case to decide if they want to take it on or not. While reviewing your case, a personal injury lawyer is going to look to see if your injuries are easy to prove and if there is clear evidence that your injuries were caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. They will want to know what your losses are, and they will want to know if your claim has the proof it needs to move forward. Here is what they will want to know.

The Cause of Your Injuries Is Clear

There are times when it isn't obvious that your injuries were caused by the accident you were in. If you already had a bad back, for example, it can be hard to prove that your current back pain was caused by the accident you were just in. When you don't have a history of a particular injury and you only started having symptoms since the accident, it's easier to prove your case.

You Can Show the Extent of Your Injuries

In order to receive compensation for your injuries, you need to be able to prove what those injuries are and how bad they are. When you seek medical treatment, your treatment providers will be able to describe your condition and your medical outlook. Bring your medical records to your initial consultation, and include any pictures you have of your injuries that would help. Personal injury claims are compensated in part by how bad your injuries are and how much you have suffered.

Your Level of Fault

In any car accident, all drivers can share some of the fault for causing the accident. If you have a percentage of fault assigned to you, a personal injury attorney will want to know what that entails. You might be asked questions about the accident as your attorney looks for reasons that you should not be assigned the fault that you have been. 

Every personal injury claim is different, but an attorney looks for a number of things. The extent of your injuries is important, as well as if you have returned to work already or not. Proof is vital to your case, and your percentage of fault will make a difference in your overall compensation.