Who Should Pay For Your Premises Injury?

When you are hurt while visiting a business location, you may be experiencing the results of a failure. If you can show that the business failed to protect you from an injury, they will owe you money. Find out more below. What Are Customers Owed? Businesses owe their customers a safe place to visit. You should not need to do an inspection of a store before you begin shopping there. Stores must be constantly vigilant about protecting customers from safety hazards. Read More 

Auto Accident Attorney: 3 Statements To Avoid When Talking To An Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company is one of the parties you might involve in your car accident claim. As a victim, you will, at some point, interact with the insurance adjuster. However, you should interact with them carefully and mind your words. Actually, your interaction with them might significantly affect your case or determine how the insurer handles your claim. Most insurance adjusters want to gather as much information as possible from the claimant. Read More 

Don’T Neglect These Estate Planning Must-Haves

Many people are under a mistaken impression of estate planning. Many believe that their financial situation doesn't merit a plan. However, estate planning is not necessarily all about what you own. Instead, consider an estate plan to be the answer to all those questions your loved ones may have after you pass away. Estate planning includes making important healthcare decisions ahead of time, dealing with burial plans now, and dealing with incapacity along with death. Read More 

When The Accident Report Is Wrong

If you have been involved in a car accident that you are sure was the other driver's fault, you may be disconcerted to find out that law enforcement has labeled you the at-fault driver. While the accident report prepared by law enforcement at the scene is often well-respected in terms of evidence, it's only as accurate as the officer compiling the report. Read on for some actions your auto accident attorney can take when the accident report is holding the wrong driver responsible for an accident. Read More 

4 Signs You May Want To Take A Case To A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

No one likes to pay a speeding ticket, but many folks hand over the money regardless. You may want to take your case to a speeding ticket lawyer, though. If you're not sure if your case justifies going so far, see if it fits one of these scenarios. The Officer's Version of Events Sounds Off Oftentimes, right from the moment a cop confronts you about alleged speeding, they explain their version of what happened. Read More