Were You Badly Injured Because Of Untrained Miners And Poor Quality Equipment? Call A Coal Miner Attorney Today

If someone that you were working with in the coal mine made a mistake on your job that almost cost you your life, and now you are badly injured, you need an attorney. A coal miner injury attorney can look at the cause of your injuries and put your case together.

An accident that could have been prevented with proper training or equipment isn't your fault, so you shouldn't be the one suffering financially or physically, along with enduring the stress and mental anxiety. Here are some of the things your lawyer will want to know about and get more information on.

Improper Training

If those that were in the mine working with you weren't trained properly and didn't use the safest practices, which led to your severe injury, a lack of training is negligence. The employer can be proven to be to blame for the incident, and if they trained staff properly your injury could have been prevented.

Talk with your lawyer about the training you went through and what training other person involved completed. Your lawyer will look at the training program and talk with the other person involved in the accident. This could be all the evidence you need to pursue a case.

Poor Quality Equipment

There will be many laws about equipment and safety standard with your coal mining job and the state where you live. Some proof of company negligence when it comes to equipment includes:

  • Not providing equipment and pieces that meet safety standards
  • Failing to test equipment as required by law
  • Neglecting to have the area inspected regularly
  • Not requiring all employees to wear the required safety equipment

If you were hurt because a waist strap broke, the other employee wasn't wearing the proper gloves and let go of a piece of equipment, or another reason relating to faulty equipment, talk with a coal mine attorney.

It shouldn't be difficult to show that the accident happened because of negligence if the other employee made a mistake that many others saw, or if there is proof that the equipment wasn't right for the situation. Be sure not talk with your employer and let your coal injury attorney handle communications.

You want a settlement that can cover your medical bills, help you get the money you have lost in wages, and cover what you would have earned in the future. The coal mine injury legal professional will know how big of a settlement to go for.