3 Mistakes You Probably Shouldn’t Make After Being Arrested For A DWI

After being arrested for a DWI, you might feel lost, upset, worried and unsure of what you should do. The right steps to take after a DWI can vary from person to person and situation to situation, but there are a few certain things that you probably should not do. These are three common mistakes that you probably should not make after being arrested for a DWI.

1. Getting Back Behind the Wheel

In many states, when drivers are charged with a DWI, they lose their drivers license automatically for a temporary period of time. Of course, this can disrupt your daily life in a number of ways, and you might be planning on getting behind the wheel anyway. However, you should definitely think twice before doing this. If your license is temporarily suspended, then you could face criminal charges if you drive before the situation is straightened out. Your car could be towed, too, and you could face a variety of other issues. This is probably the last thing that you want to deal with when you are already dealing with DWI-related legal issues, so you should probably make sure that you stay away from the driver's seat until you are legally allowed to do so.

2. Continuing to Drink

When you are in the middle of dealing with a DWI, you might feel as if you want a beer or cocktail more than ever. However, now might be a good time for you to step back and assess your drinking. If you continue drinking, you might find yourself getting into further legal trouble, and your life could possibly be negatively impacted in other ways, too. Therefore, if you think that you might have a drinking problem, you may want to seek some form of addiction help.

3. Not Hiring an Attorney

Lastly, do not make the mistake of not hiring a DWI attorney. Some people are under the misunderstanding that a DWI is not a big deal and that they can handle it on their own. However, you could be facing serious consequences if you are convicted of drinking and driving right now. This is true for first-time offenders but is even more of a concern if you have been charged and convicted of drinking and driving in the past. Also, don't wait too long to start looking for an attorney after being arrested for a DWI, either. Instead, try to find a DWI lawyer as soon as possible for best results with your case.