3 Tips For A Traffic Violation Case

Yikes. Police lights flashed and your worst fears were confirmed; the officer gave you a traffic citation for speeding or some other violation. Just because you get a traffic violation doesn't mean that this is the end of the story. Speeding tickets are the worst, but you can get defense when you hire traffic violation attorneys.

1. Think about if you really need a traffic violation lawyer

The kind of violation you get will show you whether or not you require legal help. If it's a minor speeding ticket, say, a few miles per hour above the posted limit, you might not need representation. You can show up in court and speak for yourself to explain the ticket and ask the judge to work with you. These tickets are minor and might cost about $150.

Reckless driving and illegal turns are bigger problems that you should absolutely hire a lawyer for. These violations can make you get your license suspended if they aren't contested. You should learn your state's definition of reckless driving so you know what points you're defending. Things like evading the cops, driving over 100 miles per hour, racing, and swerving in front of school buses are all things that can quickly get you a reckless driving ticket. Reckless driving is also a misdemeanor, which is a criminal charge. That definitely means that you need to get the defense of a lawyer.

2. Research what a sustained traffic ticket will do to your insurance policy

The insurance policy is another issue that will be affected by your traffic violation. Car insurance providers will consider you risky if you are accumulating speeding tickets and other kinds of tickets. Speeding tickets can make your insurance go up by 25 to 41%. If the violation is serious enough, your insurance company might even drop you. Contending the violation is important for your insurance policy if nothing else.

3. Cooperate as much as you can to contest the case

Traffic lawyers cost $50-$250, so this is another deciding factor. It might not be worth it to pay this much for a $60 ticket unless you're trying to save your insurance policy or if it is a matter of principle. Cooperate with your lawyer's discretion so that you stand a chance of winning. Always learn from this experience so you can prevent a traffic violation in the future.

Traffic cases require some work and hiring traffic citation lawyers, such as Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP, can be helpful.