Injured Due to Defamation of Character

Getting called names can be hurtful, even if the person calling them isn't someone that you love. Name-calling can actually cause someone to develop low self-esteem to the extent of not being able to get through life in a happy manner. Unfortunately, there isn't usually much you can do legally to get justice against someone that calls you bad names, depending on the situation. On the other hand, if someone has been calling you names and spreading rumors that ruined your reputation, you might be able to take legal action. For example, if you quit your job after a coworker committed such an act against you, it might be considered a psychological injury that a lawyer can help you get compensated for.

1. A Discussion About the Rumors

What you must understand is that although it is possible that you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party, not all rumors are qualified for such an action. For example, if your coworker only spread a rumor that is actually the truth, it will likely have no grounds on a defamation basis due to not being false. Defamation of character in regards to rumors is when someone spreads something that is untrue that leads to stress, job loss, or has an overall negative effect on the victim. A lawyer must receive an explanation of the rumor that was spread, and you must be prepared to be asked if any aspect of the rumor is true. Based on your explanation about the situation, a lawyer can let you know how strong of a personal injury case you have and whether or not he or she is willing to represent you.

2. The Types of Names That You Were Called

Although it isn't likely that you will win a defamation lawsuit based on name-calling alone, bringing it up to your lawyer is a good idea. The reason why is because he or she can create a connection between the false rumors and how calling you names made the situation even worse. For example, if the other party spread a false rumor that you stole money from numerous people, calling you a thief in front of your coworkers and supervisors can be humiliating. Name-calling can also lead to those who believe the false rumor calling you derogatory names as well, which is something a lawyer will want to know about.

3. Document How Your Income Has Been Affected

Tell your lawyer why you finally ended up quitting your after the false rumor was spread and how it affected your income. For example, explain if you were able to find another job, or if you are too depressed about the overall situation to even attempt to seek employment. Depending on the amount of income that was lost and your overall mental health, a lawyer can possibly help you get compensated for a large amount of money for your needs.

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