Don’t Try To Go It Alone: 4 Legal Issues You May Face During The Current Pandemic

If you're like most people, you're still trying to learn how to navigate the current pandemic. You know that the virus can put you at risk for serious health problems. But, you might not realize that the current pandemic puts you at an increased risk for legal disputes, as well. That's why it's important that you have a legal service you can reach out to when you're faced with legal issues, especially those that are associated with Covid-19. If you don't think you'll need legal services right now, read the information provided below. Here are just four of the legal issues you could face during the current pandemic. If you do find yourself facing any of the issues described below, seek legal assistance right away. 

FFCRA Leave Disputes

If you're employed right now, you need to know your rights regarding the Family's First Coronavirus Relief Act, or FFCRA. This act is designed to provide you with the relief you need when you need to leave work to care for a loved one or when you're forced to quarantine or isolate due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, some employers are not processing the paperwork properly, which prevents people from receiving the benefits they're entitled to. If your employer is mishandling your FFCRA leave paperwork, and you're not receiving the benefits you're entitled to, it's time to seek legal assistance. 

Unlawful Evictions

If you're one of the many individuals who have been put out of work due to the Coronavirus and you're facing eviction, you need to talk to an attorney right away. Many states and counties across the United States have issued eviction moratoriums during the current pandemic. That means that landlords can't evict you during this time, especially if you can prove that your financial difficulties are directly related to the Coronavirus. If your landlord is threatening you with eviction, seek legal services immediately. An attorney may be able to stop the eviction, which will allow you to remain in your home. 

Child Custody

If your ex is using the current pandemic as a reason to violate custody orders, you need to seek legal advice right away. There may be a worldwide pandemic right now, but that doesn't mean that custody orders can be violated. Speak to an attorney about taking steps to enforce the custody orders you have in place. 


Finally, if your place of business is being singled out for Covid-19 violations, don't take the harassment sitting down. Instead, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Many small business owners are finding themselves slapped with discriminatory Covid-19 violations. An attorney can help you fight those violations. They can also help you to identify problem areas so that you can get your business back into proper compliance.

If you need attorney services, call a legal professional in your area.