How To Tell If A Nursing Home Patient Is Suffering From Malnutrition

When a patient does not receive enough nutrients to remain healthy, they are suffering from malnutrition. In an effort to save money and due to improper training, some nursing home staff members fail to properly feed their guests and this can lead to health problems down the road as well as severe pain and suffering. If your loved one is suffering from malnutrition at a nursing home facility, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help.

The Prevalence of Malnutrition

Many of those suffering from malnutrition are not diagnosed with this condition and not everyone found to be suffering from malnutrition is referred to a dietician. Those working at the nursing home can be found fully responsible for any damages your loved one suffers from by a nursing home abuse attorney.

How to Know

Your loved one might inform you about the meals they are receiving or they may be hungry all the time. However, if your loved one is unwilling or unable to communicate this fact to you, they may have other symptoms such as chronic illnesses, dental issues, or abdominal pain and bloating. 

If your loved one is on medication that can lead to nutrients being blocked, or if they have dental issues, you may also want to make sure that they are being fed properly. It's the responsibility of the nursing home to take this into account and feed your loved one an appropriate diet.

Other Conditions Associated With Malnutrition

If your loved one is simply not eating, this could be a sign of depression. Your nursing home abuse attorney will want to investigate the other possible causes of your loved one's depression and whether it might be connected to how they are being treated.

Malnutrition can also be a sign of an untreated condition. The nursing home is responsible for diagnosing and treating medical conditions as they arise and failing to do so can be a sign of negligence and nursing home abuse.

How to Hold the Nursing Home Accountable

You will not only want to take legal action against the nursing home to pay for any medical expenses resulting from neglect but to also hold the nursing home accountable. This is one way to put pressure on the nursing home to more carefully look after the dietary needs of those in their care. Your nursing home abuse attorney can help you begin this process.

For more information, contact a local nursing home abuse lawyer.