4 Signs You May Want To Take A Case To A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

No one likes to pay a speeding ticket, but many folks hand over the money regardless. You may want to take your case to a speeding ticket lawyer, though. If you're not sure if your case justifies going so far, see if it fits one of these scenarios.

The Officer's Version of Events Sounds Off

Oftentimes, right from the moment a cop confronts you about alleged speeding, they explain their version of what happened. This is usually an investigative technique to see if they can get you to admit to the offense then and there. However, it provides some clues to what the cop claims to have seen. Similarly, the officer will provide a wire-up with the ticket that should expand upon the claimed incident.

If you can't match the officer's claims to your mental image of the sequence of events, it may be a sign you should speak with a speeding ticket attorney. A lawyer can compare the claims and see if they'd hold up in court.

Readings Mismatches

Another clue there might be something up with a speeding ticket case is if the readings from the officer's equipment don't line up with what your speedometer said. It is possible your speedometer could be off for a reason like a faulty sensor or the wrong tire size. However, the cop's radar gun might have also been poorly calibrated.

A speeding ticket lawyer can demand disclosure of the performance and maintenance records for the device used to register the alleged speed. Sometimes, this will indicate a specific device has been involved in other false readings. Likewise, they can examine equipment logs and recalls to see if there might be a fundamental problem with the system.

Lack of Posted Signage

The law can't presuppose you'll know what you should do in every traffic situation. Consequently, the government posts signs and road markings informing drivers of many things like speed limits, wrong lanes, stopping spots, turns, and more.

You may not have seen the sign relevant to the alleged traffic offense. Worse, you may not have seen it because the sign was blocked or simply not present. A speeding ticket lawyer can bring the judge's attention to such shortcomings in the traffic control devices in the area.

Risk of Major Penalties

It may not be a defense, but the risk of a major penalty is a reason to contact a speeding ticket attorney. You may lose your license or commercial privileges. Similarly, a ticket could affect your insurance rates. All are good reasons to ask for a consultation. 

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