Common Types Of Workers Compensation Claims

Employees are always vulnerable to accidents while they are working. Besides, some people work in places with high risks. The possibility of getting injured is quite high when working in the fishing, roofing, logging, and truck-driving industries.

Here are some of the top workers' compensation claims files every year.


Cases of electrocution are pretty common among crane operators, utility workers, construction workers, forestry workers, arborists, and electricians. And as you know, electrocution can cause organ damage, cardiac arrest, severe burns, nerve damage, and even death. So, if you suffer any of these injuries after getting electrocuted, don't hesitate to seek workers' compensation services.

Machinery Accidents

People who work in construction sites and factories know how common machinery accidents are. And since these industries depend on commercial-grade machinery, it's quite easy for severe accidents to happen. Unfortunately, these injuries can lead to mutilations, permanent disability, or death. Ensure that you are well-trained before operating any heavy-duty machinery. Besides, employers must maintain their machines to protect their workers from injuries.

Slips and Falls

Workers will also want to be compensated when they sustain injuries caused by slips, falls, and trips. These accidents happen due to unsafe conditions in the workplace. Maybe the premises have slippery floors, or the walkways have slippery snow. And since it's the employer's duty to ensure that the employees work in safe conditions, workers can seek compensation if they sustain severe injuries.

Vehicular Accidents

Workers can also seek compensation if they get injured while driving company vehicles. Such car accidents are handled differently. Companies will have to compensate their truck drivers or delivery drivers if they get injured when running errands. Remember that these accidents affect the drivers and sales team. So, if you ever get involved in a car accident when running errands for your company, talk to a workers' compensation lawyer.

Fires and Explosions

Fires and explosions in the workplace are known to cause deaths, severe burns, and other injuries. Besides, some people might lose their eyesight or suffer hearing loss due to the explosions. With all these possibilities, it's expected that the workers will sue the company for compensation once a fire breaks out in the workplace.

Exposure to Poisonous Products

Working in some factories or environments might expose you to various health risks. You can get health complications when your body gets exposed to products such as asbestos, lead, mercury, acids, pesticides, and solvents. Injuries induced by poisonous chemicals can affect your lungs, nervous system, and skin. Employers ought to provide their workers with protective equipment to reduce the risk of chemical exposure.