The Risks Of Dying Without An Estate Plan

People often postpone making their estate plans, thinking they can do it later. Some people may end up doing it later, but others will die without a plan in place. If you do not have an estate plan when you die, you take on risks. Here are four risks you assume when you die without an estate plan in place. The Court Decides Who Gets Custody of Your Kids If you pass away and have minor children, the risk you take is giving the court the decision to choose who gets custody of your kids. Read More 

When Should You Hire A Traffic Violation Lawyer For Your Case?

A traffic violation can be anything from something minor — forgetting to turn on your blinker when switching lanes — to something more severe that results in a court case with potentially hefty fines. Getting involved in a traffic violation that results in a ticket is not unusual since as many as one in five Americans got a traffic ticket within the previous five years as of 2015. Many traffic violations don't require much more than paying the fine involved, but others require the assistance of a traffic violation lawyer. Read More 

3 Mistakes You Probably Shouldn’t Make After Being Arrested For A DWI

After being arrested for a DWI, you might feel lost, upset, worried and unsure of what you should do. The right steps to take after a DWI can vary from person to person and situation to situation, but there are a few certain things that you probably should not do. These are three common mistakes that you probably should not make after being arrested for a DWI. 1. Getting Back Behind the Wheel Read More 

Criminal Defenses To A Looting Charge

Looting is something that many people are concerned about at this time as more and more businesses across America are shutting down due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. On the flip side of the looting concern, innocent people may find themselves arrested and charged with a looting crime if looting does begin to occur. If you charged with looting, a criminal defense attorney can help to defend you by bringing up common defenses in these cases. Read More 

How Much Can You Expect From A Car Accident Settlement?

When you're left with serious injuries and health concerns after a serious car accident, you may be afraid for your life and your future. It's always a good idea to get in touch with a personal injury law firm right away when you find yourself in this kind of situation. They will work hard to represent you and make sure that you get the outcome that you deserve. You may be wondering how much you can expect from a car accident settlement. Read More