When The Accident Report Is Wrong

If you have been involved in a car accident that you are sure was the other driver's fault, you may be disconcerted to find out that law enforcement has labeled you the at-fault driver. While the accident report prepared by law enforcement at the scene is often well-respected in terms of evidence, it's only as accurate as the officer compiling the report. Read on for some actions your auto accident attorney can take when the accident report is holding the wrong driver responsible for an accident. Read More 

4 Signs You May Want To Take A Case To A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

No one likes to pay a speeding ticket, but many folks hand over the money regardless. You may want to take your case to a speeding ticket lawyer, though. If you're not sure if your case justifies going so far, see if it fits one of these scenarios. The Officer's Version of Events Sounds Off Oftentimes, right from the moment a cop confronts you about alleged speeding, they explain their version of what happened. Read More 

How Long Could It Take to Settle a Claim After a Semi Truck Collision? Factors Affecting the Duration

Most crashes involving semis are tragic. That means they cause extensive damages to the vehicles involved and severe injuries to victims. When you get into such a situation, you can sue the truck driver and the trucking company to receive compensation.  But like other lawsuits, your auto accident claim could take months or years to finalize. The length of time your case takes will depend on the following factors: The Investigations Required to Unearth the Wrongdoer Read More 

A Brief Guide To Disability Insurance

Did you know that over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability? And, although this overwhelming number is increasing with each day, many people still focus on health and life insurance policies, forgetting the importance of disability coverage. You shouldn't make the same mistake, considering you or a loved one can get disabled by numerous circumstances, including an auto accident, occupational injury, assault, or slip and fall. Keep reading to learn more about disability insurance. Read More 

Matters A Child Custody Attorney Can Help Clients Effectively Resolve

Issues with child custody can tear a family apart. So much is at stake for both the children and the parents. It is thus a good idea to work with a child custody lawyer to reach the best outcome possible. Their help can make it easy to resolve the following matters. Child Support Regardless of how you and the other parent feel about the custody of the children, there will be child support thrown into the mix as well. Read More