Injured Due to Defamation of Character

Getting called names can be hurtful, even if the person calling them isn't someone that you love. Name-calling can actually cause someone to develop low self-esteem to the extent of not being able to get through life in a happy manner. Unfortunately, there isn't usually much you can do legally to get justice against someone that calls you bad names, depending on the situation. On the other hand, if someone has been calling you names and spreading rumors that ruined your reputation, you might be able to take legal action. Read More 

What Millennials Need To Know About Divorce

Unlike those who have been married for many years, millennials who divorce have not likely had a long marriage. For this reason, there can be some complications with a divorce that does not always impact those with longer marriages. The following are some things you should know. Increased Debt One issue with millennials and divorce is the rate of debt they have as opposed to couples who have been married longer. Read More 

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Know A Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you would like the short answer, it is: COVID-19. What does that mean? The truth is, there's a lot that's still in the air about COVID-19, how it works, and who it will impact. And the infection rate is growing and growing in the United States right now. As of this writing, the United States has the highest number of active cases and deaths due to COVID-19 in the world. Read More 

Car Accidents When You Are Expecting A Baby

Most pregnant women make it a point to remain as healthy as possible when expecting a baby. Unfortunately, driving or riding in a vehicle puts anyone at risk for being in an accident. If the other driver caused the accident, you may be eligible for compensation. If you are pregnant, the situation can get more complicated. Read on and find out more about the consequences of a wreck on an unborn child and how to take action to recover the damages. Read More 

Three Things A Drug Or Alcohol Addicted Mother Should Know About Child Custody

If you are a mother who has lost custody of her child due to drug or alcohol addiction, you have been through a traumatic experience. No mother wants or even expects to ever lose custody of her child. But if the reason for losing custody was a chemical addiction, there are a few things that you should know that may provide you with hope for your future with your child. Read More